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Corporate Professionals

Leadership coaching to get to unlock the next level of your career

AWakeN the leader inside of you 

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The greatest leaders in THE world have
(or had) A coach

Most managers have to become leaders and don't know what it implies. That is because they need guidance.

To develop a vision, inspire and move their team, be comfortable with their posture and to get out of small tasks to ... lead.

I've been coaching executives and managers for years and their pattern is pretty similar.

Leadership and Executive Coaching is about having a holistic approach, not just about career. 

This is what I help you, leaders / futur leader with:


Changing the way you feel regarding this specific posture. 

Managing your time like the bests and get out of the "reactive mode". 

The differences between a manager and a leader. 

Inspiring and positively influencing yourself and others. 

How to take leadership of your life, and not just at work. 

I'm well aware that there is a 1000 ways to be an executive or a leader in a company today. 

And you are unique.

That is why we need to adapt the coaching methodology to your goals, what you really want, so you are not only successful but fulfilled in your work. 

In the end, this is my motivation to coach executives: to help them tap into their potential and be happy to go to work! 

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This is what they
say about my coaching


"Listening, sharing and heightening... what could be a better way to increase the efficiency of a team!

Allison Van de Audenhove

Quality and Safety Director at IMPAC


" This guy is simply the BEST! Period.
Creative, fun, and extremely professional."

Hassan Elmiligui
Head of Legal Operations - Capgemini


"A big thank you for your dynamism and your involvement, we all had the feeling of rediscovering our childhood creativity"

M&A and project financing lawyer at TotalEnergies

This is my methodology

I don't do things randomly.

Obviously, no framework is perfect and ready to solve all your problems but I've noticed that whether you are a CEO, an entrepreneur or want to start out a business, you will have to work on those different pillars. 

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