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Bring energy, fun and pragmatic tools for entrepreneurs with Butzi

Wow your audience

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Around 90%of entrepreneurs fail to create the revenue they deserve.

It is because they are stuck in one way of doing things and feel like they’ve tried everything. They haven’t.

If you want your audience to be in the 10% that succeed, they’ll need to think outside the box.

Don’t leave your audience trying hard somethings that doesn’t work and get frustrated. They just need a few tools to get unstuck and take a step on the side.

And you can offer them just that.

Help them
get unstuck 

Bringing magic to your event is really helping thinking about their business in a playful and motivating way, getting pragmatics keys.

Magic is a way of thinking, making possible what seems impossible.

Simply set up a free call with butzi here to share the specificity of your event.


Check out Butzi in action

About the keynote


Butzi uses his magic as a communication tool. 
After every magical moment comes the most important message, delivered at the right moment. 


Entrepreneurs don't have the luxury to lose their time.
Butzi cuts to the chase with actionnable tools the audience can use directly to bring their business to the next level


The most important is for participants to come out of the keynote being inspired to change their usual ways of doing. Energized and motivated, we are more able to apply the tools

meet butzi

Butzi is an entrepreneur, an artist and a creative force in the field of innovation & business strategy.


4 x TEDx speaker, Author of two books and speaker for the world's top companies, Butzi's mission is to inspire others to live on their terms. 


He started his journey as a magician, creator of illusions and artist and founded 3 companies, learning along the way. 

His insights into different worlds, working with huge companies and artists alike, solopreneurs and CEOs, gave him the perspective he needed to see the endless possibilities life has to offer. 

It also triggered a drive to inspire and coach with empathy future entrepreneurs and those who want more in life than what they have today. 


"Butzi delivered an outstanding keynote and workshop at our Business Change and Transformation Conference!
He kept the audience enthralled and entertained throughout and left them with lots of food for thought"

MD at IRM UK: Working on great Business & IT Conferences 


"Butzi totally awed all our students at Mindvalley."

Vishen Lakhiani

Mindvalley's Founder


We had the great pleasure to work with Butzi for the tenth edition of the Gala Marketers.  
With his dynamic, well thought out presentation, magic tricks and visuals appealing to the audience’s emotions - no less than 600 attendees - Butzi, engaged, impressed, inspired - and woke up - the public."

Julie Bodin -
Marketers Community Manager at Farvest

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