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360 Business and AI Coaching to help you gain clarity, save time and generate more revenue

Harness the power of AI 

Generate more revenue 

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Boost your productivity 

Innovation and growth is also for you, small 

Staying small is empowering because you have so much choice and freedom. But it also means doing everything by yourself.

Sometimes even when you have employees.

But today, thanks to technology, AI and creative thinking, you can reach level of optimisation and innovation you could never dream of. 


How can business coachiNg actually help you? 

Business coaching isn't like following a course. 
We work hard to understand what is blocking you, the founder, your psychology and helping you overcoming it. 

We dive deep into your processes and obstacles as a team and suggest creative ideas, training, AI tools and more. 

Entrepreneurs are shaping the world and our mission is to best support them.

Collaborating at Work


Entrepreneurship is 80% psychology. Doubts, fears, time management, emotional intelligence, leadership, building a team... it is a lot to take in and leaders need support.Butzi, founder, is a living proof of it, and trained as a coach to better support you.

Medical Technology


Times have changed.Most boring tasks can be automatized and your creativity can be enhanced, easily. And it is cheap!How to apply it is another story, but we are here for that.



You team need to be onboard with your changes, know how to use AI and incorporate new skills on a daily basis. We can take care of that. 


"Butzi changed my life. I would still be stuck in my job if I had never met him"

Nabeel Arshad "One With Magic", Magician 


"With his masterful help you will unleash creativity you didn't know was in you."

Sonia Choquette, NY Best seller author of The Answer is Simple


" An engaging and direct approach to get you out of your comfort zone and never look back"

Lucy “LucyLovesCircus”,  blogger

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Who ARE WE ?

Johannes Alinhac "Butzi", used to be a professional magician and creator of illusion for years. This led him to work with companies on the inner works of magician's mind to create and innovate. 

A bit restless, he then built 2 companies, learning along the way, and this led him to help execu
tives, entrepreneurs and coach businesses of all size on how to optimize time, energy and ressources.

4 x TEDx speaker, Author of two books and speaker for the world's top companies, now working with a collective of tech specialist, his mission is to empower you and your company so you can live life on your terms. 

Working with huge companies and artists alike, solopreneurs and CEOs, gave Butzi the perspective he needed to see the common patterns and limited beliefs his clients my have. 

If you want to talk about yours, don't hesitate! 

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